Q1 Part 1 – Evaluation

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

I decided to create a short video to explain my audience feedback from my film, I thought this would be a good way to use mix media in my evaluation.


Q4 – Evaluation

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

I decided for my research that I would write them as posts incorporating pictures that relate to what I am speaking about. I have done an extensive amount of research and planning, so therefore I could have incorporated more media technologies into my work. However, I didn’t so I have a lot of written work. I did post a YouTube video on my blog which was for my main task test shots, the shots are played after each other and do not contain music, just the diegetic sound of the clips.

For my storyboard I decided to do a time lapse video of myself drawing on a sketch pad my storyboard. I have used royalty free music from YouTube to play in the background of my video, and imported the music into premier pro, the editing software where it was edited together. I had the camera set up on a tripod looking down on the sketchpad, I didn’t want to show too much of myself in the image as the storyboard as it needed to focus on the drawing. I really like how this has turned out because it shows the development of my work in stages but also because it’s interesting to look at rather than photographs and written work. (Time lapse video)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had personally taken pictures of the setting and behind the scenes. The camera wasn’t set up in any particular way I freehand took the photographs. This showed that I was also taking part in the photography side. But also in the hope that some of the photographs would turn out good, so that I could use them for my ancillary tasks. Thankfully the photographs turned out really well so therefore I could use them in my magazine and my film poster. All of my photographs that I used were edited on Photoshop by myself, where I changed the brightness and contrast as well as using the vivid light tool to make the background image darker. Photoshop being a successful editing software was very useful when creating the ancillary tasks. The magazine was edited on Photoshop, this was a very complicated way of creating a magazine because it had included a lot of layers. Firstly I had to place the template as the background so that I could place the photographs on top of the already placed ones. These were all separate layers so I had to place the low saturated image in front of the layers just so that it wasn’t hidden behind the striking setting photograph. The base layer includes the text so when I had to change the text I had to start all over again, so it was very complicated.mag hiik

There also was the titles which were different layers that had to go on top of the pictures, in separate rectangles which were shapes that were imported as well as a separate element. I finally had to import some stars that I had already made in power-point as a picture to put against the title. As well as adding in two lines as a shape that have to go on top of all the Photoshop layers so they show up on the background image as the lines need to separate the text.

One of the posts was screenshots of the editing process of ‘’Recluse’’, I put this in a slideshow showing clip by clip the small things I had changed from the colour correction of a clip in the film down to the sound that I incorporated. I thought this would be a good form of media technology to include because it is simplistic but I wanted to mix things around by using writing and mixed media forms in my work. Writing is the comfort zone and using mixed media is harder for me to grasp a hang of, so therefore every chance I could get to use mix media I did. I wrote about what I did alongside the slideshow because it helped explain what was happening above.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 13.15.47.png

(Writing from post)

My main task was filmed on a Canon 550d camera by my partner Emily, we worked hard trying to construct the film and deciding a storyline, our model quit on us at last minute so therefore I had to step in and act for the film. This didn’t stop my involvement in the directing and the ideas for the shots, I would constantly check on the shots to see how they turned out as well as taking photographs of everything that was happening on my own camera which is a Canon 1000d. The film was edited on Final cut pro X by myself as me and my partner did separate edits of the film. The music used was royalty free from YouTube and I felt suited the film really well with the build-up of tension as well as trying to follow stereotypical conventions of the hybrid genres I looked into.

This was the first of the editing process where I was assembling all of the clips that I thought went well together to create the film. A lot of cutting of the clips was done using the blade tool to make them shorter as a lot of the clips run for a while and it had irrelevant content.Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.10.49

I have also looked at adding in transitions like the production company before the film as well as the title of ‘RECLUSE’ over the top of the first clip. There is also a transition that I have incorporated between the title clip and the following clip which is a fade in and out clip. The transitions on final cut aren’t very professional so therefore I went for the most professional one which was the fade.Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.46.23

This shows the small details such as the footsteps, this took a long time to make sure all the timings were correct, otherwise it wouldn’t sound right. These footsteps were imported from free sound.

In the screenshot above, it was further on in the development stages where the narrative had been constructed so therefore this was the process of trying to fit music to the film, so that the music linked in well with the genres of thriller and the whimsical side to it so that it would fit in with the fairy-tale and fantasy genres. That’s why at the beginning of the film the music is calm, with a piano playing because she is exploring the woods. The music was all royalty free from You-tube which took a while to try and choose music that would make sense in the film.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.40.56

This screenshot of the editing process on Final Cut Pro X shows the colour correction part of the editing I was doing. I was changing the saturation levels, shadows, mid-tones and the global tone. This was because the clips were brighter than what I wanted based on the idea that the film needed the mysterious effect to link in well with the thriller genre so therefore, I increased the shadows making it a lot darker. The red tones were also a main focus as the colour red is such a big part of the film, so they were increased to give the overall red tone throughout.

Second to last, I also personally filmed my audience feedback for my Main Task and my Ancillary Task 1. The close ups and the long shots were both filmed on Canon cameras, the audience feedback was separated into separate videos one for my poster and one for the main task, and were edited in Final Cut pro X, I had some lighting issues because the room was very yellow toned, so therefore it could be improved with the addition of lighting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.59.14

(A screenshot taken from the yellow toned room in my audience feedback video)

I thought this would be a great way to get my feedback because this way I could provide evidence for the feedback as well as getting everyone’s attention to focus on giving me feedback. This has helped a lot with my first question of the evaluation.  Finally, for my evaluation questions I have decided to include a voice over with a video for one of my questions, one written, one on a Prezi Power point and one written with screenshots and photographs of what I am talking about. This includes a variety of mixed media, breaking up the evaluation making it more interesting and media based.


Ancillary Task 2 – Final Magazine

final magazine

mag hiik

This is my Final Ancillary Task 2- Magazine review double page spread.  I am really happy with the outcome of the magazine, I made the changes to the magazine that the audience feedback said I should change which was: the main image to a brighter version of the previous header photograph. As this image stands out much better compared to the darker image. I have also broken up the text so that it looks more professional and separates the quotes from the parts of the text which is a stereotypical convention of a magazine. I have also added page numbers in as this was also in the constructive criticism that I got back. However, Overall I am very happy with the outcome of this final product.

Ancillary Task 2 – Final Mock Up Idea 3

This is my favourite mock up out of all the magazines and I have decided I will use this mock up for my final, but will change the things that the audience feedback has told me to change in order to make it much better. I like the layout for this magazine with the more photographs as it makes it more interesting and appealing for teenagers seeing as the demographic I am focussing on is girls aged between 15-17 specifically. Teenagers stereotypically have a low attention span therefore it’s not good to put lots of writing as a review page as they would loose interest easier, the pictures draw your eyes away from the text making them the focal point of the magazine. I took these photographs whilst filming ‘RECLUSE’ and Kieran took the pictures of me and Emily filming and acting so we have some behind the scenes photographs to put in my magazine, as it was conventional for a magazine review page to include behind the scenes photographs.

magazine 3

There are certain things that I would like to change about the magazine like I would like to include division lines underneath the title separating it from the start of the text, and then another line under the first paragraph so that it separates it from the rest of the text. The audience feedback I received also said that I should change the main image to a more appealing image, like the one in my mock up 2 as I and the audience also feel that this is the more striking image as the main photograph in this magazine layout is a lot darker than expected. I also need to break the text up a bit more as it is in places too grouped together and bunched up, therefore I will change these and this will improve the quality of my magazine.

The photographs were superimposed on top of each other so that the audience can still see the background image as well as the image that is superimposed on top, this provides more information for the audience. The font I have used in this magazine Avenir Next Regular which is an appropriate font seeing as it’s a simple and not complicated for example like Bauhaus 93 which is too bold and too childish to be in a formal magazine aimed at older teenagers. I feel that this magazine is very successful out of all of the magazine mock ups and when I complete the editing needed to make this magazine better, I will post the finished product.

Ancillary Task 2 – Final Mock Up Idea 2

I really like how this magazine has turned out compared to the mock up I did with images that I have found from the internet because, even though I liked the layout and the way it turned out, I didn’t like how the columns were placed and I have improved it in this mock up. The columns are now equal in width so that they look professional, I have separated the quotations by leaving a gap between the lines so that the text is broken up making it look more appealing. The demographic I have aimed my film at like the layout and how I have made the columns of equal width, however they would change it so that there are separation lines between the title and the introduction part of the writing. This isn’t the layout I personally like the best as I feel that the mock up 3 will be better in layout, but as planning this is a good starting point.

magazine 2

I like the photographs I have picked for this magazine as I feel they are appealing to an audience and stand out against the white text boxes. It also is a perfect photograph to show the setting for my short film, I thought that including a photograph that shows the setting and stands out is an important part to my work. I took these photographs whilst we were filming ‘RECLUSE’ showing the actuality of the photographs. I feel that I have followed the stereotypical conventions of a magazine layout, by having the main image the focus of the magazine as it is going to be the focal point of the magazine, I have also followed the idea with having a main title in a different font than the rest of the writing as the font of the title is the same font I have used on my posters so that the two link together showing a coherent process.

I wrote in the font Avenir Next Regular which I personally feel is an appropriate font for a magazine and when I was researching into the appropriate fonts I found and the Avenir  fonts were very formal looking which is what I wanted  for my magazine as its very conventional for the font to be in small simple lettering.